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Hassle-Free Guide to Installing a Washer and Dryer

Image of a modern laundry room. Theres a washer and dryer with a slab of pretty wood going around it to create a table top on top. ABove that is a shelf. There are nicknacks around to complete the look.

Are you considering installing a washer and dryer in your Denver home but unsure where to start? At Professional Facility Solutions, we’ve got you covered. Let’s walk through the steps to help you set up these essential appliances hassle-free.   1. Choose and Prepare the Space: Select a well-ventilated area with access to water connections […]

DIY Dishwasher Installation: Do You Really Need a Plumber?

Picture from the perspective inside of a dishwasher as someone is pulling it out. You can see a few dishes and the body of a man pulling it out.

Are you staring at a brand-new dishwasher, wondering if you need to call in the cavalry (a.k.a., a plumber) to get it installed? Installing a dishwasher might seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re not particularly handy. But fear not! With a little guidance and the right tools, you might just surprise yourself with […]