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Image shows a hardwood floor installation in process. Half the floor has wood down and completed. There is a stack of wood waiting to be installed next. Big letters say FLOORING.


Installing or repairing flooring yourself can present a lot of challenges. Incorrect measurements, inadequate subfloor preparation, or improper installation techniques may lead to costly mistakes. Professionals possess the experience and expertise to handle these challenges adeptly. Professional Facility Solutions is your squad for flooring solutions and property TLC. We’re the pros providing style and durability for homeowners, property managers, and local businesses across Denver, Colorado.


Encountering flooring issues can be a headache. Our services focus on resolving common problems like cracked tiles, squeaky floors, or chipped hardwood. We handle various materials, including hardwood and tile, ensuring durability and visual appeal for individual homes and commercial spaces alike. We aim to offer seamless solutions that bring comfort and reliability to your flooring, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience for our clients.


And what sets apart from other handyman businesses? Quality without the wait! We hustle hard, delivering top-notch results without dragging things out. That’s why we offer a virtual estimate, so we can get to your needs quicker! As one of our beloved clients put it, we “made it way less of a headache!”. This is especially beneficial when it comes to our commercial and multi-residential clients. We understand the importance of minimal disruption, especially in commercial settings. Our team works swiftly to address flooring issues, ensuring quick repairs that don’t hinder daily operations or inconvenience residents.


Here’s the cherry on top: our 60-day guarantee. We stand by our work, making sure you’re floored in the best way possible! We encourage you to head over to our gallery page to check out our previous flooring jobs.


Ready to give your space an upgrade? Trust the pros at Professional Facility Solutions to not only save time but eliminate the risk of errors in your flooring repairs. Let’s chat about your flooring vision today.


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