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Image shows the lighting installation in a retail/commercial store that sells clothes. There is a bar with multiple lights handing down. Big letters say LIGHTING INSTALLATION.


Illuminating Denver, Professional Facility Solutions provides lighting repairs and installation services to homes, apartment complexes, and commercial properties. We offer a diverse range of lighting setups tailored to each environment’s unique needs.


For commercial properties, we understand the importance of impactful lighting. From ambient and task lighting to accentuating architectural features, our expertise extends to various setups. Our goal? Enhancing aesthetics and functionality.


In homes, lighting isn’t just about functionality; it’s about creating ambiance. We design lighting schemes that complement different spaces—a warm, cozy feel for living areas, focused task lighting for kitchens, and ambient lighting for relaxation in bedrooms. We fuse creativity with functionality, ensuring your home exudes the perfect atmosphere.


In apartment complexes, we focus on practicality and safety. Lighting plays a pivotal role in communal areas, enhancing security and aesthetics. Our solutions include well-lit pathways, vibrant common areas, and energy-efficient lighting options to minimize costs for property managers while ensuring a welcoming environment for residents.


Trust Professional Facility Solutions for precision lighting that transforms spaces and enhances property value. To see some examples of our lighting installations, check out our gallery here. Reach out to us today for expert lighting solutions tailored to your property!


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